Wednesday, 17 December 2008

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Hello all! We're soon heading off on our Christmas holidays, so just wanted to take this opportunity to wish you all a very happy holiday season, and all best wishes for 2009!

Also, I'll leave you with this, hopefully (if it works!) it's a slideshow of all the Christmas ornaments I managed to stitch this year during the little SAL that Leena and I did each month. I'm delighted that we'll be carrying on this year :)

**EDITED - Okay, couldn't get the slideshow to work here, but it's in the next post! **

Wishing you all a happy and peaceful Christmas, and a prosperous and joyful 2009.

Thursday, 4 December 2008

Some Goals for December

I had a finishing weekend last weekend, and among all the Christmas ornaments (more on them shortly), I managed to finish some Fair Squares – these are the ones that Mercy sent to me a while back. I finished them into a needlebook. I absolutely love L’R de Rien designs, I must add some to my already overflowing stash ;)

Also on the subject of Fair and Square, Dani received the squares I stitched for her for Round 10. Dani is going to make a friendship quilt from all her squares, so is collecting Quaker-themed squares stitched in red – I’m really looking forward to seeing it when finished, it should be amazing! I chose to stitch her a design I took from part of Examplar Dames 'Honesty'.

I’ve also had a bit of time this week to work on Sailing Home – and it’s going remarkably quickly I’m pleased to report! The design is predominantly in blue, so I have a few letters and numbers, plus the baby’s name and birthdate to stitch, then just a few stars and sailboats. There’s no chance it will be done before Christmas, but early in the new year should see this one finished up. At which point, the child in question will nearly be six months old, but nevermind :)

And, finally, a goal review for November, and some goals for December:

November Goals

- stitch and send Fair and Square Christmas Squares to Barbara – YES
- stitch and send Fair and Square Round #10 Squares to Dani – YES
- Christmas ornament SAL with Leena: stitch one ornament – YES
- Finish 6 Christmas ornaments – YES, in fact I finished 7
- Finish one non-Christmas item from finishing drawer – YES
- Finish Kitty Cat into scissor fob – YES
- Carry on stitching Paradigm Lost – YES
- Carry on stitching Spanish Wine – YES
- Carry on stitching secret stitching – YES
- Carry on stitching Sailing Home – YES
- Carry on stitching AMAP pinkeep – YES
- Start x-box quilt – NO (I never seem to do my quilting goals do I?)

December Goals

- Finish last Christmas ornament
- Finish something from finishing drawer
- Carry on stitching Paradigm Lost with Let’s Stitch group
- Carry on stitching Spanish Wine
- Carry on stitching secret stitching
- Carry on stitching Sailing Home
- Carry on stitching AMAP pinkeep

Happy stitching!