Monday, 18 May 2009

Thank You Claire G!

I'm delighted to report that I received my Spring Fair Squares from Claire G on Saturday :) She stitched lovely squares for me - I'm thinking pinkeep. She tells me they are designed by Gail Bussi, from a design called Emily's Garden. Thank you so much Claire, I love them :)

I haven't really been inspired to blog much recently, as you may have noticed. Hopefully I will regain my blogging mojo soon!

Oh, and one last thing - Bernadette, please can you contact me as you were the winner of my Spring Blogoversary draw at the beginning of last month! The countdown is on - I'm afraid if I don't hear from you in the next seven days I'll declare the original draw void and draw another winner from the original contestants.

Thanks for stopping by - happy stitching!


Thursday, 7 May 2009

Happy Birthday to Me!!!

Yay, it's my birthday!! And what better way to celebrate than to take a day off work. Yes, I'm truly relaxing today :)

But, important blogging matters need to be taken care of, because I'm a member of the SBBC, and a package arrived for me the other day, which I managed to save patiently for today. And what a package it was!!

It turns out that Diane was my partner - and I count myself very lucky that she was :) Diane stitched not one, not two, not even three, four or five, but SIX, count 'em SIX smalls for me for my birthday surprise! Isn't that amazing?? I so would have lost the will to live after about four (hope my partner isn't reading this ;)

Here they all are: a pinkeep, a scissors keeper, a scissors fob, two floss tags and an ort bag, all stitched with pale blue floss as a set. I think you'll be forced to agree with me on their gorgeousness!

And that wasn't all, oh no, this wonderful lady wasn't done yet - look, she included some fantastic little extras for me too - a chart from my wishlist, some backing fabric (look, it's the same one that she used for the smalls!), some DMC (again, same colour: clever, eh?), and a beautiful pair of Gingher embroidery scissors - again, matching!

Diane, you have truly outdone yourself and I am delighted with every single thing, and I so appreciate the patience and effort that you so obviously put into making this a special birthday for me - THANK YOU SO MUCH :)

Happy stitching!