Thursday, 14 June 2007


Oh, it was a WONDERFUL evening when I got home from work last night, as there was a plethora of beautiful padded envelopes waiting for me on the doormat! I even took a moment to record my happiness in song (to Jingle Bells):

stash, stash, stash
stash, stash, stash
how i love the post
full of all the things i love
in a big padded envelope - HEY!

Okay, enough foolishness :) Here is what came:

From the lovely Kate at Thread Bear: Loose Feathers #25 - Awake the Dawning Day, plus 28ct R&R Iced Cappucino fabric for same. Also Little House Needleworks - Home of a Needleworker.

Then, from the wonderful Janice at Traditional Stitches, my monthly SEP (Stash Enhancement Programme) pack, which this month included a skein of Gloriana Petit Princess (similar to perle, only in silk), some 28ct Cashel linen in Golden Sand - which is going to be perfect for all the small projects that are scudding around in my brain - a couple of freebie charts, and a beaded chatelaine, which has currently been attached to my stitching drawer.

AND THEN! Also from Janice, half of the big order that I put in just after we got paid our annual bonus (credit card abuse? never!), which included several skeins of Au Ver a Soie and one of WDW Louisiana Hot Sauce, a cut of Glenshee Cottonfields for Celtic Banner, and the three remaining charts from Examplar Dames - the limited edition Quaker series - Humility, Peace and Faith (Prosperity came last month, and it was so beautiful, I couldn't resist ordering the other 3 in the set).

Phew! It was all very exciting. So by the time I'd unpacked, admired, forced H to admire, and put everything away, there wasn't much stitching time last night. I dedicated what there was to finishing off my inaugural biscornu. Or, working towards finishing it off. After a false start and a bit of ripping (I realised that I really needed to start the backstitching an even number of threads away from the stitching, rather than an uneven number, so that the corners worked out properly and there was a proper 'middle' to the design), I merrily backstitched my way around and began to put the whole thing together - I've finished about 3 sides out of 8, and here is my progress thus far - hopefully to be finished off in style on Sunday.

Happy stitching!

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Itching To Stitch said...

Love your stash *drooling*. Your biscornu is coming along nicely ;)