Friday, 27 July 2007

Dashing for the Weekend

Apologies that this is going to be rather a hurried post. This week has been frantic at work, thus my silence. (My co-workers wouldn't normally associate me with silence, so it's been online silence only!)

A quick update of the week runs thus:

Monday - finally finished the awful bear 'row', please don't examine his left ear too closely, it appears that he was operated on by a slightly drunk veterinarian. The next row - ulu (stone cutting knives I believe) is nearly completed.

Tuesday - a new start - yippee! After much deliberation, I elected to start the next Loose Feathers pattern - Awake the Dawning Day. Not much to show below (I was late home on Tuesday).

Wednesday - another new start, as I haven't had an opportunity to get the finishing bits for the Shepherd's Bush tin top. A trip to Reading is planned for Saturday in order to stock up on all manner of cords/buttons/fabric/ribbon etc that I could possibly use. So hopefully an update early next week (H spilt coffee on his laptop, and it now doesn't work, so no weekend updates for the moment!). So I started a design from Cat's Whiskers called Queen Anne's Lace - the chart includes a box top and a scissor fob, and I am stitching the pincushion:

And, finally, Thursday - more Spanish Wine - more eyelet border - more of the same. That also means more enjoyment, as this is still my favourite current project!

So that's me very swiftly up to date - wishing you all a wonderful weekend and very happy stitching!

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Itching To Stitch said...

Wow, two new starts in one week. I'm dying to start something new but have told myself I have to finish something first. Everything looks great ;)