Friday, 10 August 2007

Border Nearly Done!

Yesterday was Thursday, so back to Spanish Wine. I very very nearly finished the interior eyelet border. I may just pick this up on Sunday to finish it off. And then I'm on to the first of the corners, hurrah! The lines don't really wiggle IRL like they do in the photo, I was in a hurry to take a photo and so didn't quite lie it flat.

I know I didn't post an update from Wednesday - I'm finishing off the Queen Anne's Lace Pincushion and didn't quite manage to finish it, so I'm saving that for Sunday as well (H is off to Ireland, so I should have a free afternoon/evening to stitch, stitch, stitch).

Have a wonderful weekend, thanks for stopping by and, of course, happy stitching!

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Hazel said...

Looks good. Did you get my post below? xx