Monday, 20 August 2007

Weekend Update

Friday saw a new start - hurrah! I keep seeing stitcher's pockets and cases, and I keep yearning for one, so now I'm stitching one! I've selected MTV Designs' 'A Touch of Orange Needlebook' because the finishing looks straightforward and it's a lovely design, but not too complicated. I have just ordered my very first sewing machine, which H tells me has arrived today (delivered to his work, as far too bulky to carry home from my work in London, which is an hour and a half on the train from home!), so I'm all set to whip this one up once I've finished stitching it, and of course once I've learned how to use the machine. Suddenly, those Grade 8 sewing lessons with Miss Anderson seem rather a long time ago!! This is as far as I've progressed with the stitching (this is the front cover):

I'm using threads out of my stash, and not the prescribed ones, and have gone for a rather more rusty orange look than is suggested on the chart. Bright orange isn't one of my favourites. This is a Gloriana silk thread called, I believe, Fall Leaves or something like that.

Saturday's update is of course PL. I'm working on a very huge medallion beneath the (?) dragonfly - I managed to get the first three 'spokes' of it done. That's nearly all of pages 1 and 2 completed now.

Happy stitching all and thanks for stopping by!


Vonna said...

My goodness...what progress!
It's all lovely :)

Itching To Stitch said...

I love the start to your needlebook. And PL looks great, as always ;)

tkdchick said...

Wow! PL looks amazing! I can't wait to start it on November 1st