Monday, 15 October 2007

Eccentric Dress Sense

I'm progressing well with Santa on Orlaith's stocking - his dress sense isn't improving any though LOL! His navy and pink/plum check trousers are completed, and now I'm on to his green jumper. The jumper is large (well, it would be given the size of Santa's belly!) so I may need to get some more green before I reach the end of it :)

Other than Santa's attire, I managed to finish a Crazy Exchange, so that will be out in the post in the next few days, and hopefully photos soon! I also finished my return Crazy Exchange for Marne, so I'll post photos when she gets that.
And we've had good news: Royal Mail and its union(s?) have reached an agreement, so no more strikes, hurrah! Post as normal from here on in, what a treat!
Hope you all had wonderful weekends, and thanks for stopping by.
Happy stitching!


Mindi said...

Santa is looking interesting, I agree with you about his dress sense. I'm so glad the mail unions reach an agreement, hopefully the strikes are behind you and the mail will go back to normal.

Your heart is in the right place, but I'm going to enter your name into the pink set giveaway! I really enjoyed making the zipper pouches and the second went much faster than the first. I have a feeling I'll be doing more than 5 give-aways over the year span of my PIF obligation.

Hazel said...

Santa's looking great!! xx

Cheryl said...

You sure have made great progress! Hurrah for no more postal strikes!!

Kathy A. said...

I love your Santa stocking so far. Looking forward to his wonderful fashion sense. I'm hoping to talk you into joining us with Paradigm. There is no specific finish date in mind. We have a couple of stitchers who have already started Paradigm and it has worked its way to the bottom of the pile. With the help and encouragement of us all we should see some good progress. Besides, Dani and I are being outnumbered by Cirque and we need all the help we can get.

Carol said...

Love your stocking! I cannot wait to see what you sent off in Crazy Exchange - isn't it such fun??!!

Leena said...

Santa is looking great, you've made great progress! Oh I'm so happy you won't have a postal strike again, it must be terrible!

Junko said...


I love your Santa stocking.
It's splendid :D