Sunday, 3 February 2008

More to Show You (Part 2)

Okay, here it is, part 2 of my very long post. This part is the exchange part - hurrah!

First, I received my Hooked on Exchanging scissor fob from Sandra all the way from Barbados! She's done an absolutely top job of the fob she sent me - not only a wonderful choice of pattern and luscious thread, but a great finishing job (check out that tassel!) AND a bunch of goodies! Thank you so much Sandra!!

Next up in the exchange category is my scissor fob that I stitched for Barbara Ana - she doesn't have a blog, but she is a designer (so no pressure there!!) and her website is here and has some really great freebies, as well as showing all her designs. Luckily, Barbara Ana took some photos of the fob I stitched her, because I finished it so late one night and then posted it first thing the next morning, and realised as soon as I dropped the envelope in the mailbox that I hadn't taken any photos of it!! So these photos are courtesy of Barbara Ana. I found out that Barbara Ana likes Prairie Schooler designs and Hallowe'en, so I found some perfect linen in my stash (Pumpkin Patch by Sugar Maple Designs) and stitched her up a fob using some small designs from Prairie Schooler 'Autumn Leaves'.

And, finally, I am so far on track for meeting my goal of initiating one Crazy Exchange per month - Virpi let me know that she received the needleroll I made her. Two firsts there - my first needleroll finish and her first needleroll received! Now I'm looking forward to what she sends me in return :) This is MTV Designs A Touch of Pink Needleroll stitched on 32ct Silkweaver 'Wandering Ivy' linen with Dinky Dyes 'Raspberry Ripple' and Kreinik metallic thread.

Right, phew, we're nearly there! Thursday has come and gone, so that means I have an update to share with you on my Snowbird SAL progress for Paradigm Lost. Getting there ever so slowly! I'm still working on the huge medallion on the right hand side, but the end is (nearly) in sight. There is a ton of backstitching to do on this particular one, so I reckon 2 more weeks and I'll be on to page 4. Yes!

And, finally, a few goals for February:

Snowbird SAL - stitch PL on Thursdays
Fair & Square Round 5 - stitch and send squares to Marg
Crazy Exchange - initiate one exchange
Christmas ornaments - stitch at least one ornament with Leena on our mini-SAL
More exchange stitching - make a start on 5 exchange projects, and send the one with the February sending date
Spanish Wine - spend at least one day stitching this
Awake the Dawning Day - spend at least one day stitching this
Gift - carry on with stitching one gift

Give yourself a pat on the back - you've reached the end! Well done and thanks for sticking with me :) Wishing you happy stitching for the coming week!


lena-lou said...

You have been so busy with your finishes !! Love the fobs both given and received and your NR is very pretty. Your initials are the same as my sister Su's lol, mine are HM (DH says it stands for 'Her Majesty' , he is cheeky LOL but then again I am a Leo too ;-))

Have a fab week ahead

Redwitch said...

Lovely exchanges both sent and received! Good luck with your next set of goals and PL looks great!

Andrea said...

Wonderful exchanges you have there. PL is looking great.

Jennifer/OH said...

I am sure Barbara Ana loved that scissor fob. I know how much she loves Halloween. She is such a sweet girl and a wonderful friend, isn't she.
I am jealous of all these exchanges I see going on around blog-land. I have never been involved in anything "official" but I would like to try. But so often my job gets in the way of meeting any stitiching goals, and I would hate to disappoint anyone.

BeckySC said...

Great exchanges, sent and received!!
PL is looking so great, Stephanie :)

Itching To Stitch said...

Nice gifts you received and made!! All the stitching is beautiful ;)

Laura said...

Very cute exchanges! And your PL looks fantastic.

Mindi said...

The fobs are lovely, nice exchanges! Your needleroll is gorgeous, the pinks really pop on the green fabric.

Carol said...

Great exchanges, but sent and received :-)

Sharon said...

Those are some gorgeous exchanges both sent and received!

Nana's Quilts said...

Well, I didn't have any popcorn for the Victorian serial, but it was fabulous, nonetheless. Sounds like you and H had a terrific time. Good, good news. And of course, a happy anniversary. And haven't you just been the busy, busy girl, with the flying needle. Gracious. I am truly impressed.

Quilty wishes and hugs,

Hazel said...

What fab exchanges!! And your PL is looking lovely. I have just got a chart for your pif. I only hope I can pull it off as the finishing looks complicated. Could be some time lol. xx

tkdchick said...

Wow you received a beautiful exchange and sent two lovely ones in return! PL is looking great! YOu're wayyy ahead of me!

Nelapx said...

hooo ambos muy hermsoos.. felicidades