Sunday, 2 March 2008


Just a quick post today, with a summary of how I did against my goals last month:

Snowbird SAL - stitch PL on Thursdays - yes!
Fair & Square Round 5 - stitch and send squares to Marg - yes - and also received Marg's squares to me
Crazy Exchange - initiate one exchange - yes, sent an exchange to Iris and awaiting return exchange
Christmas ornaments - stitch at least one ornament with Leena on our mini-SAL - I stitched two!
More exchange stitching - make a start on 5 exchange projects, and send the one with the February sending date - I started 4 out of 5, and I did send the one with the February sending date, so nearly met this goal
Spanish Wine - spend at least one day stitching this - yep
Awake the Dawning Day - spend at least one day stitching this - yep
Gift - carry on with stitching one gift - yep, did this too

So, here are March's goals:

Stitch, finish and send the three exchanges due this month
Start stitching for two further exchanges
Carry on stitching one gift
Snowbird SAL - stitch Paradigm Lost on Thursdays
Awake the Dawning Day - stitch at least one day
Spanish Wine - stitch at least one day
Mini-Christmas ornament SAL with Leena - stitch at least one ornament
Choose what I'm going to stitch for Fair & Square Round 6 once my partner is assigned
Start a mystery gift for a special birthday
Sort-of-mini-quilting SAL with Nicki - get to grips with cutting and sewing - try to make a whole block??
Start a sewing project

Phew, that feels, um, like a stretch challenge! We'll see how far I get - as long as the exchanges are finished on time and out the door, the rest is just a bonus :)

And, in honour of Mothering Sunday here in the UK and Ireland today, I'm going to share my favourite chocolate recipe with you (I should say, my current favourite - being a chocolate addict means this can change at very short notice!). Happy Mother's Day!

Truffle Chocolate Puddings
Makes 6
Takes about half an hour to forty minutes to make and bake (allow time after for cooling)

(For the Americans - sorry, being an English recipe, it's in weights, not volumes)

150g butter (plus extra for greasing ramekins)
150g caster sugar (normal white sugar) (plus extra for coating ramekins)
150g good quality dark chocolate, broken up into manageable pieces
3 large eggs
50g flour, sifted
6 x milk chocolate truffles (use what you have available - Hershey's kisses would work well - anything smallish and pure chocolate will fit the bill)

Preheat the oven to 200C (that's Gas 6 or 400F). Lightly grease 6 ramekins with butter, and then coat with caster sugar. On low heat, melt the chocolate and 150g butter together. Set aside to cool. Whisk 150g caster sugar into eggs until pale and thick. Stir chocolate mix into egg mixture, then fold in the sifted flour. Spoon half the mixture into the 6 ramekins, drop in a truffle (or whatever small piece of chocolate you are using) into each ramekin, and top up each ramekin with the remaining mixture. Transfer the ramekins to a baking tray and bake for 10-12 minutes or until risen and coming away from the edges. Cool on racks, and serve when they are still a bit warm. Serve with your choice of double cream, vanilla ice cream or whipping cream. Enjoy!!


Kathy A. said...

Did I hear Chocolate!! Oh Stephanie - Im going to Weight Watchers - trying to lose a few pounds - and I can smell the chocolate!!!
Glad to hear you are sticking to PL. I seem to have hit a slump. I need a boost.
That is an impressive list of goals. Good luck. I have every confidence you will polish them off.

Laura said...

You got a lot of stitching goals accomplished last month. I wish you good luck in meeting March's goals as well. The Truffle Chocolate Puddings sound delightful, I think I'll give this one a try.

Barbara said...

Mmm. Yum!

Carol R said...

Well done in meeting your February goals and good luck with meeting March too.
Truffle chocolate puddings - yummy

Wendy said...

I could really use some chocolate after reading about your tiring February list! And March's leaves me exhausted. Yes, more chocolate will definitely do the trick.

Cheryl said...

Hmmmm sounds good. I just bought a new recipe book so i'll have to print this out and stick it in :)

Anna said...

And you think I'm busy, look at you go! I must try that recipe. It sounds heavenly.

painted fish studio said...

hi stephanie! i'm visiting via three sneaky bugs (a friend of mine)... i admire your list! i have a long list of projects as well, but i'm afraid to post it - i don't want anyone but me to hold me to it! :)

and thank you for sharing your truffle chocolate puddings recipe - i just need to convert it to the stupid american version of measuring. it sounds yummy!