Wednesday, 2 April 2008

Exchange Has Found a Home

Hurrah, Carol has received her SBEBB Spring Quaker Exchange! I always like trying something new if I can when I’m stitching exchanges – it’s the same for my dinner parties, and sometimes it works out and sometimes it doesn’t (*see below). And this time it looks like it has worked out! Carol says she likes it and especially all the goodies I sent along – it’s nice treating nice people to nice things! Here is a photo of what I stitched (as usual I didn't take photos of the treats, but Carol has posted some photos so swing on over if you're interested to see):

Design: The Workbasket: Quaker Tree Third (freebie here)
Linen: 32ct Silkweaver ‘Seafoam’
Floss: Carrie’s Creation ‘Irish Kiss’ and Atalie ‘Soleil’
Finished as: A…scissorcase? and scissorfob
Front, back, then inside

*One of the times my new finishing ideas DIDN’T work out was for the SBEBB Here’s to Ewe exchange – which I’ve now successfully re-stitched. I’ll now be a bit more careful with the finishing LOL. At least the first one isn’t completely ruined (it’s just a bit wonkier than I’d like to be sending out!) so I keep it for myself – which is actually quite funny because I was really of two minds about which coordinating colours to use when finishing it, would I use the one or the other. So now I can see how both would have turned out!

Now that the clocks have (finally) moved forward, I’ve realised yet again how much my moods (don’t believe H when he tells you that I’m moody *wink*) are affected by the weather – I’ve been cheerful and smiling coming home from work all week! I also have found the odd extra hour or two after work and before dinner, and have been industriously clearing weeds and snails (the little b*st*rds) and pruning the roses (yes, it is a bit late, but never mind, they’ll be fine). So I definitely plan to spend some time in the garden this weekend – time to start planting seeds, hurrah!

Happy stitching!


Barbara said...

Here's to the joys of extra daylight!!

I love the exchange you made, too!

lena-lou said...

Lovely wallet :)

cathymk said...

That is just delightful! Lovely work!

Wendy said...

I think you did a wonderful job! The stitching and finishing look great. These little projects are wonderful for trying new finishing techniques. Congrats :-D

Carol said...

Are you still not getting my emails?? I sent my thank you email twice.... help!!

Sharon said...

What a beutiful exchange! Great job!

tkdchick said...

great job!