Sunday, 28 September 2008

A Beauty!

Lucky me, Friday brought an excellent treat for me - I discovered that Rowyn was stitching for me and she sent me a great little pillow, which I adore :) She used the F is for Friendship chart from the PS alphabet series (how appropriate!) and told me this was her first finish using her sewing machine - hopefully the first of many because she's done a stellar job.

Rowyn was kind enough to also add in 2 charts from my wishlist - of course, one was a Prairie Schooler chart! - and also included a beautiful leather bookmark from New Zealand and a beautifully handmade card - she definitely has talent :)

Thank you so much Rowyn, it's a beautiful exchange and I am thorougly delighted :)

Hopefully more news from me tomorrow as I have to update you on a couple of exchanges and gifts that I sent before my holiday and haven't had a chance to post about, and also it looks like my HOE Hallowe'en Exchange has arrived, so I'm going to open that one tonight.

Happy stitching!


staci said...

Really lovely exchange, congrats!

Angela said...

What a lovely exchange.

Annemarie said...

What a lovely gift from your friend! Her first attempt with the sewing machine, huh? Maybe I should attempt it too, 'cause it looks wonderful :o)

Yuko said...

What a lovely pillow you've received!
This is such a nice exchange!

Sally said...

What beautiful exchange piece:)

Sharon said...

Another wonderful exchange! It's beautiful.