Thursday, 30 October 2008


Yesterday morning I took one look out the window and headed straight back upstairs for my gloves and hat – snow in October? In southern England?? So how appropriate that for the Christmas ornament mini-SAL this month that I stitch with Leena, I stitched a Just Nan ornament called ‘Snow Faces’.

Design: Just Nan, Snow Faces
Linen: 28ct Sugar Maple Fabrics ‘In the Clouds’
Floss: WDW and DMC as charted

This weekend I was having a bit of a finishing frenzy (all these Christmas ornaments I stitch, now I need to finish! I love the stitching, bit ambivalent about the finishing, it just takes SO LONG to get it just right), and I managed to also finish up some lovely Lizzie*Kate squares sent to me in a distant Fair & Square round (I won’t reveal which one, because then I will feel guilty about how long these squares have been sitting in my finishing drawer) from the lovely Melissa – I used a tuck pillow kindly gifted to me by Becky, and I attached the signature square to the back of the pillow, and did some arty-type fraying. I think it’s turned out rather well if I do say so myself.

After a furious bout of dusting (yuck) on Tuesday night, I rewarded myself with some quality stitching time on Spanish Wine – been a while since you’ve seen an update on this I fear. But I slowly stitch away at it, and I know that one day it will be done. I managed to finish Band 3 (yay!) and get a start on the centre motif.

Happy stitching!


Sally said...

You have been busy Stephanie:)

Love Snow Faces. It's such a cute finish. Spanish Wine is looking lovely. Do you have a piccie or link to the finished piece?

karenv said...

Spanish Wine is looking fabulous! The colours are so rich, it's really looking lovely so far.

Love your Snow Faces finish, the fabric is perfect for it :)

Angela said...

Love the colours on Spanish Wine and the cushion looks great. But my absolute favourite has to the fabric you have used for Snow Faces it's gorgeous.

Know what you mean about finishing, I love the stitching but dread making things up, so well done on finishing the cushion.

Laura said...

The October snow in England has even made our nightly news over here in the States. I fear it is going to be a cold winter. Snow Faces is adorable and Spanish Wine is just amazing!

Kathy A. said...

Oh my goodness girl - snow already! No wonder you did Snow Faces and sweet it is indeed. Love your Spanish Wine. Stay warm!

vEr0n!c@ said...

That's very early for snow. Very appropriate stitching though, and it's pretty :) Love your pillow too. Spanish Wine is looking great. It looks so intricate.

staci said...

Lovely stitching and finishing :)

Cheryl said...

You've had snow down there already?! Crazy. No snow up here!
Your pillow finish is great and its nice to see Spanish wine again, its really pretty. I definitely prefer stitching to finishing as well

Lennu said...

Oh you have snow too, great :) We have a white ground at the moment, but I'm afraid it will melt next week when it will be warmer again. I just love snow :)

Your Snow Faces is looking so cute, I just love the fabric you chose!! It's perfect :) Have a happy Sunday dear Stephanie!

Hazel said...

Ahh yes the snow. Hmmmm all gone now though eh. Great finishes and progress on SW. xx

Heather said...

Snow face is so cute! I love the sky fabric you have stitched it on.

The Spanish Wine is WOW, so so pretty, it looks time intensive, but it is worth it, I love it!!