Thursday, 6 November 2008

A New Start!

Yes, well, it seemed about time for a new start, and it seemed more than about time to start this particular design, which is intended to be a birth sampler for my friend’s child, now born more than two months ago (whoops). Luckily it is stitching up fairly quickly, so with a bit of application this shouldn’t take too long:

Sailing Home – Blackbird Designs

And better late than never, an update of last month’s goals, and a roundup of this month’s:

- stitch and send Fair and Square Autumn Squares to JillYES
- Snowbird SAL: stitch Paradigm Lost on Thursdays – YES
- Christmas ornament SAL with Leena: stitch one ornament – YES
- Finish 5 Christmas ornaments this month – YES (I’m especially proud of that one!)
- Start stitching secret stitching – YES
- Start stitching baby gift – YES
- Carry on stitching AMAP pinkeep – YES
- Carry on stitching Spanish Wine – YES
- Finish at least one non-Christmas thing from my finishing drawer – YES
- Quilting: spend at least one day quilting this month – NO

- stitch and send Fair and Square Christmas Squares to Barbara
- stitch and send Fair and Square Round #10 Squares to Dani
- Christmas ornament SAL with Leena: stitch one ornament
- Finish 6 Christmas ornaments
- Finish one non-Christmas item from finishing drawer
- Finish Kitty Cat into scissor fob
- Carry on stitching Paradigm Lost
- Carry on stitching Spanish Wine
- Carry on stitching secret stitching
- Carry on stitching Sailing Home
- Carry on stitching AMAP pinkeep
- Start x-box quilt

Don't forget, if you'd like to be entered into the draw for the Kitty Cat chart (see last post), then leave a comment there before Saturday.

Happy stitching!



BeckySC said...

It's a beautiful start, Stephanie :)

karenv said...

Lovely start Stephanie, such a pretty colour :)

Laura said...

Great start on your new project. It is such a lovely shade of blue. And I wish you well on your goal keeping.

Miss 376 said...

You had a great month last month, hope you are as successful this month. Hope the sampler doesn't take you too long, it will be lovely

Jennifer/OH said...

So many goals met in October...I'm jealous. I need to start making lists like this. I think if I was to set them out publicly on my blog then I will be more likely to actually complete more projects. But then I would have to make goal lists for gymnastics, for my doll clothes, for miniatures........the lists would be endless and of course nothing would get done!

Sally said...

Lovely new start Stephanie. I'm looking forward to seeing more of this.

Good luck with your November goals and well done on getting so many done in October. I'd fail miserably if I set myself some!

Angela said...

A lovely colour on the new start.

Well done on last months targets.

Annemarie said...

You've been doing some fabulous stitching over the last couple of weeks, and I simply love this BBD design! Can't wait to see your progress :o)

Lennu said...

What a lovely start, happy stitching!

Oh I'd love to continue stitching Christmas ornaments next year too, it has been so much fun and I always look forward to stitching with you :) I'll be at a craft fair next weekend with Violarium, but I'll definitely take an ornament with me, so that I can stitch in the hotel room in the evening if I'm not too tired :)

I forgot to put the link into my blog about the mattress pincushion finish, as you commented and asked about the border. I can't remember where it was, but I guess it was a French blog where I found a tutorial how to make a ribbon border like that. I'll search it and post the link into my blog when I post next time!

Have a happy weekend dear Stephanie!

Melissa said...

Stephanie, wow - you are a prolific stitcher! Lucky recipients! The BBD stitch is looking lovely already. Looking forward to seeing more.

...from Melissa on the Wet Coast.

Dani - tkdchick said...

Lovely new start!

Heather said...

Love the start you have, the blue is very pretty.

Good job on your goals for October, you get so much done! :O

Wendy said...

I love the new piece you are working on...and I don't think I've seen that BBD before! Now I have to do a quickie search!!