Saturday, 29 November 2008

What a Week

Whew. What a week. By Wednesday, I had already worked more than my 40 hours, with the prospect of Thursday and Friday to come. It was exhausting - I feel like I've been through the wringer. And we have a friend coming to stay this weekend, meaning all the chores needed to be done (I usually let them slide when I'm having a week like this! I am no 1950s housewife, that's for sure).

So, as a consequence, I haven't much to show you in the way of stitching. Last night for the Let's Stitch SAT, I was running around doing chores until 10pm, so I didn't actually achieve much - so I opted to stitch the very unglamorous (but passing the easy-to-stitch-when-extremely-tired test) right hand border. [Sorry for the oddly-shaped photos - for some reason Blogger won't resize the photos that I'm uploading from Photobucket - if anyone knows why, happy to hear from you :) ]

Earlier in the week, I managed to put in a couple of hours on Spanish Wine, so I'm now working on the central motif. You'll see I've stitched the '2' and the '0' of what will eventually be the year (the next two digits are at the bottom of the central design), but I think I might just leave off the next two, just in case this one goes a little bit into 2010 :)

We've a friend staying with us this weekend, so not sure I'll get much stitching done, but will be having plenty of laughter and wine, so that will make up for it ;)

Happy stitching!


Anonymous said...

I have certainly had weeks like that! It seems they never come to an end and just blend into the following week. Luckily Thanksgiving holiday broke the "chain of destruction" and gave me a few days off. But I haven't accomplished anything....just 'coming down' off a busy week was all I could manage.
Hope things get better for you soon and enjoy your weekend with your guest.
Jennifer in Ohio

Sally said...

Hope next week is a bit slower for you:)

Your PD and Spanish Wine look gorgeous:)

mainely stitching said...

1950's housewives didn't work 40+ hour work weeks outside of the home. ;) I hope your weekend has been lovely!

Dianne said...

Nice progress on both projects. I love Paradigm Lost...I have it and just need to start it one of these days :)