Thursday, 22 March 2007


So this is my first post! I'm at home on H's laptop, which means no access to photos because the memory key works only sporadically - and today doesn't seem to be a sporadic day. Technology can fail you when you feel you most want it. So I'd like to extend a welcome to anyone who's out there and reading this. I intend to learn how to upload photos and keep you updated with the stitching projects I'm currently working on. I've just recently decided to go to a 7-day rotation, but as I'm also working full-time, I'm not sure whether this is a sensible decision or merely a shortcut to frustration at not getting anywhere with any of the projects! Today is Thursday, so I should be working on Folk Art Sampler, which is actually a sampler I'm trying to put together from a magazine pattern of several smaller 'folky' motifs. I'm struggling a bit with the charting (by hand) so any tips on helpful software most appreciated! I haven't even threaded a needle yet for this project, and already I'm nearly dreading a Thursday, so perhaps this is too much of a stretching challenge for me. I've only been stitching for about 7 months, but I've really caught the bug, and knowing me I'm likely to try and run before I can walk. When I do get to start stitching this one, I'm looking forward to trying out DMC linen threads, as well as using Crescent Colours overdyed cotton, which I love and think are beautiful.

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