Monday, 16 April 2007

Buzzing along

Another glorious weekend in ol' Blighty - spring is really here and the weather has been amazingly bright and warm. It's actually a bit uncomfortable sleeping at night, which is unknown in April in these parts.

We spent Friday night madly cleaning the house from top to bottom - we were having a small dinner party on Saturday night so of course all the little jobs that had been stacking up over the week suddenly became priority urgent. It doesn't matter how mouth watering your chicken wrapped in parma ham is if your bathroom sink has the remnants of last night's toothpaste stuck to the rim; your scrummy pots au chocolat are forgotten in light of the large tear-shaped red wine stain on the hall carpet. So it was off to work scrubbing high and dusting low, spray bottle of Flash in my hip holster. Next time, I vow to keep on top of these jobs so that there isn't a mad panic next time we have people over for dinner. (Really.)

After the success of Saturday's dinner, our happily stuffed guests headed off bright and early on Sunday morning, leaving us to tidy up the mountains of dishes/crystal/silver/trays/pots/every single useable piece of crockery, and then I spent a happy few hours on Busy Bee - progress to your left - while H sat and watched several hours of Extreme Makeover: Home Edition. He finds it compelling viewing, dare I say addictive. I, however, cringe and try to block my ears every time Ty starts talking/bellowing, and poke fun at the poor people who get their homes re-built. It's not very nice of me, I know, but I find it so hokey and sickeningly Hallmark-sentimental. Anyway, luckily I can concentrate on my stitching and can ignore the programme for hours on end, which is a key skill when they run an 'Extreme Sunday' and it's on for endless hours.

Only 11 days until we head off for Vancouver Island - I absolutely cannot wait! First, there is the small matter of H's 30th this weekend, so a short trip to Dublin is booked and family ready for a small knees-up.

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