Tuesday, 10 April 2007

Happy Happy Easter!

Sorry I've been away for so long - the Easter weekend was absolutely gorgeous, so we spent lots of time in the garden, in the park, in the house spring cleaning... I just couldn't bear to get the laptop out (we are not particularly good friends, the laptop and I), but today I'm feeling up to the task, so here is the weekend update!


It was 20C! Gorgeous for April, so H and I headed off to the park for a picnic lunch and a lazy afternoon. Truly a spectacular day. I love spring, I just feel like I suddenly have bags of energy! We bought some flowers for the house to cheer it up - tulips, my absolute favourite. I spent my stitching time working on a sweet pea bookmark as a birthday present for my mum - it only took me a couple of days, and I hope she'll love it! Also, I've had a bit of trouble locating enough Crescent Colours 'Bejeweled' to finish Paradigm Lost (although at this stage finishing is a LONG way off), and the very kind Sharon at Crescent Colours pointed me in the direction of Attic Needlework in Arizona, who agreed to take my very large order, and send it on to me as soon as possible. Hurrah, there's one project nearly unblocked!


I love Saturdays, because we get post on a Saturday, and this Saturday's post held a special surprise! After waiting for nearly 6 weeks, my backordered Waterlilies thread FINALLY came through the door! So I'm no longer stalled on Silver Needle, and to prove it, this is what I accomplished over the weekend - not bad considering I had only part of the 3 large flowers at the top completed prior to the weekend. (I also worked a bit on Mum's Heart II, but for some reason the colonial knots have got me in knots - I actually threw the frame across the floor - very carefully mind you - in frustration because I can't get them to work properly. And last time I stitched this, I had absolutely no problems at all - sod's law I reckon.)


Easter Sunday - after Easter Mass, I made H his easter treat - he's not over fond of chocolate, so I baked him a cake instead, which turned out beautifully, but was very very rich, so there is still tons of it left as we can only eat a sliver at a time. He, I'm quite happy to report, bought me a lovely huge egg made of dark chocolate which also came with three further bars of chocolate. Gorgeous! We spent the day spring cleaning and pottering in the garden - I planted the sweet peas for the summer, and potted up some bedding plants, and cleared the garden of a couple of minor pests - we bought the house about 8 months ago, and a previous owner had put in a vinca minor and it was rampaging around most of the very small plot. It's now history!


The last day of our magical weekend saw me finish up the bookmark for Mum and spend lots more time in the garden and with H - a truly lovely end to the weekend. In fact, we were so relaxed that we weren't even disheartened when we realised, halfway through building our new BBQ, that the instruction booklet is missing pages and skips from step 9 to step 14! Such is life, and I'm sure the manufacturer can send us a fresh copy. I hope you all had magnificent Easter weekends!


Back to work today, but a treat on my return home - my stash enhancement parcel has arrived from Traditional Stitches! I'm very excited about my first packet, which contained:

3 beading needles
2 charts (one tulip, one birds and balloons - of the hot air variety)
1 project for a stitched fortune teller - you remember folding up squares of paper into those four-cornered cone shapes, flipping up the flaps to tell your friends their fortune?? I do, and this is a neat fabric version - including charms
3 cute stitching-themed fridge magnets

I can't wait for next month's!

Well, that's enough for tonight - happy Easter to all!

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