Tuesday, 24 April 2007

It's a Goal! (or 2 or 6)

This is how I did for April:

Their Song - yes - and have brought it on holiday with me, so progressing nicely
Fond Hearts - no, I had a few problems sourcing the fabric so haven't started this yet
Folk Art - no, I ended up putting this aside before I even got going because the charting was proving too fiddly
Find and start a scissor fob design - yes, Heart Throb by Drawn Thread, and also have this in BC with me, so half finished
And also started a 'Moroccan' style Biscornu which is underway

Mum's Heart II - yes, only have about 3 days left on this
Northern Lights - yes, still going
Paradigm Lost (pending thread arrival) - no, thread hadn't arrived before our holiday, so no progress on this
Silver Needle (pending more thread arrival) - yes, thread arrived and worked on this

Mum's Heart I - yes, brought it to BC safely - photos imminently!
Mirabilia 'Titania' - just about - brought it to BC rolled up in a cardboard posting tube, and have delivered it to the framers here - also photos imminently

And now for May's Goals:

Busy Bee
Heart Throb Scissor Fob
Moroccan Biscornu
Mum's Heart II

Their Song
Northern Lights
Paradigm Lost (pending thread arrival)
Silver Needle

START: (three of the following, I can't decide which!)
Irish Blessing - Sweetheart Tree - kitted
Spanish Wine - Wild at Heart - must kit
An Open Heart - Drawn Thread - pending getting fabric in BC (have thread/charms)
Fond Hearts - Blackbird Designs - pending getting fabric in BC (have thread)
Happy Hearts Sampler - Birds of a Feather - pending kitting fabric/thread

Mum's Heart II
Busy Bee

I had a lovely long update post going, with lots of photos of WIPs and gifts and a couple of snaps from our holiday so far, and Blogger decided to crash right as I was typing the final sentence. Grrrr. Once I stop sulking with Blogger, I will re-write the post as best I can and get the photos all up for you.

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