Tuesday, 24 April 2007

Tendrils and a Frame-up

Wow, what a weekend! We went over to Dublin for H's surprise 30th party, and we had a fantastic time. He had no clue (men don't, do they) and thought that we were just going out for a nice quiet dinner with the family. We did do that, but then we got him to the local pub, which we'd spent the day decorating with balloons, streamers, banners and a photo montage of H's first 30 years. All sorts of family and friends turned up, and it was a great night! I was especially glad to get my hands on a few of the more embarrassing photos from his younger years :)

I didn't do any stitching at the weekend as I was revelling in my role as bossy party coordinator, but picked up my needle once again on our return home. I've been working away at Busy Bee fairly steadily recently, as one of my April goals was to finish it, and it seems a shame to not make a concerted effort to achieve my goals in the very first month I have ever set any. You can see from the photo that I've got on really well, finishing the pulled thread band all the way down through the tendrils and to the pair of eyelets, which are technically a row of their own, although they will be surrounded with yet more tendrils and a diamond with one last bee. Then I've just to attach the paillettes, which will be a new one for me, and the small bee charm at the top.

The frames I ordered for my two Mum's Heart projects also arrived yesterday, so I spent some time framing up the first (and completed) Mum's Heart for my mum - it's to be a mother's day gift for her. Although Mother's Day is in March here in the UK, I generally wait until May to give Mum gifts and cards as she's back in Canada. It took an hour or so, with lots of tugging and un-sticking my fingers from tape, but the result is beautiful and I'm really pleased with it! As usual, I won't post the photos yet until I've actually given it to Mum, but we've only 3 sleeps until our trip to Vancouver Island, so it won't be long before I'll finally upload all those, including progress on Mum's Heart II, which is for H's Mum's birthday, only a couple of days after Mothers' Day back home. I know that my mum-in-law only logs on to her email once every six months, so the chances of her stumbling across photos of her gift are pretty minimal!

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Hazel said...

Thank you for the comment. I am also hoping kate can sort things out about the threads but no news as yet. They are a great company. Love your stitching. I have also signed up for the Loose Feathers club with them too. Also I saw yr sweet peas bookmark below - i have also stitched this! Very sililar tastes I reckon. Nice to meet you! xx