Wednesday, 4 April 2007

More Charts

Great news - Kate from Thread-Bear has been in touch and I should get three charts in the post today as well as the first Loose Feathers chart and fabric. Hurrah! Can't wait! Still no word on the outstanding thread I'm waiting for, so I may have to find a short-term solution (i.e. buy some more thread now and put the ordered thread in my stash when it arrives) as I want to get cracking with the stuff that's on hold. Stitched a bit on Mum's Heart II last night - it's now about halfway done, so will be done in plenty of time for mum-in-law's birthday, even with our 2-week break in Canada factored in. That reminds, I must really investigate stitching on airplanes, although I can't imagine that in the current climate this would be allowed...

I had a glass of wine in Gram's honour last night - she would have been 86, and is daily missed.

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