Tuesday, 3 April 2007

No Time No Time

It's been one of those weeks - I never seem to have enough time to turn around, nevermind blog! Or, perhaps I've just been loathe to give up stitching time to type? In any case, I'm back and here is my progress over the last few days. Left is my progress (not quite up to date as I did a couple more hours on it last night) of Northern Lights - I put the fabric on a proper roller frame rather than a hoop on Friday night, and I'm now whizzing through the satin stitches, so that seems to be that problem solved (phew). I'm on to the second row now - pine trees.

This is my progress on Busy Bee - as expected, this one is stitching up very quickly. What you can see is the top half of the design, and the partially completed honeycomb in the middle forms part of a large central motif, including lots of honeybees, then the bottom part is a similar size to the top. So even though I'm only stitching on this once or twice a week, I think it'll be finished very soon.
I had a wonderful surprise waiting for me on Thursday when I got home - my package from the States!! I had treated myself to a number of charts, and I spent a very enjoyable evening reading them all through :) This is what arrived:
Apple Sampler - Birds of a Feather (has anyone else noticed the incorrect punctuation - that drives me nuts!!)
So now I just need to kit them all out ... :)

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