Saturday, 5 May 2007

3 Birds

Sorry I haven't posted in a few days - we've been busy playing golf, eating well, and staying out of the rainshowers. Yesterday we took a 'tour' (courtesy of Dad) of the Cowichan Valley, and drove all around Arbutus Point, Maple Bay, Cowichan Bay, Cowichan Station and into deepest darkest Glenora - further out than even I had been before. Cowichan is such a gorgeous part of the world. Now all we need is for our EuroMillions ticket to come good so we can buy a nice bit of acreage and build a house :) Dream on...

Progress on Their Song has been steady - H has been distracted by the pool table downstairs, leaving me plenty of time to stitch. I had a small heart attack when I realised that some of the stitching is one thread out, and I thought I was going to have to rip out substantial areas, but after a medicinal peach cider (possibly the cause of the problem in the first place), I realised that the two 'star' motifs to the left of the tree were the culprits, and I had counted 'and very frankly' off them as well. Everything else though was stitched in the correct place, so I've made an executive decision to leave the stitching in place as is - you'd have to know (and probably count threads) to see the error, and it won't affect the final look, so I don't see any reason to take it all out.
Rather helpfully, Mum read the finishing directions for Heart Throb (scissor fob) and also couldn't really work them out (despite 50 years of sewing experience), so I can go ahead with my plan for finishing it without any qualms!
Happy stitching everyone!


Hazel said...

Love it! I have this to do too! xx

Itching To Stitch said...

I love "Their Song", you're doing a beautiful job on it ;)