Thursday, 17 May 2007

Last Few Stitches

Yes, the camera cord was indeed left in Canada, but I've sourced a new one, so all set to go. I didn't actually take any photos of my stitching last night though, so although I can upload a photo, I've none to upload!

I've nearly nearly finished Mum's Heart II, with only a handful of knots to tie, some backstitching to complete and the last few beads to attach before it's ready for framing. H's mum's birthday was last weekend and his parents are meant to be coming over this weekend for a visit (and a trip to Twickenham on Sunday for the Heineken Cup Final!), although I'm not sure whether H's mum will come or not. But still striving to finish it in time so that I can give it to H's dad - I think it will be far safer travelling back in his hand luggage than sending it through the post. I'll take some photos tonight and post them tomorrow - sorry for the very text heavy and photo light posts recently!

Happy stitching!

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