Friday, 8 June 2007

An Upside-down Tulip. Or a Red Snowdrop?

Actually I'm not really sure what type of flower this is on the lower left-hand side of Their Song, any suggestions? Maybe it's a bleeding heart, anyway, it's lovely as is the rest of this design, which I am getting very nearly done! I am running out of WDW Moss though, so I've ordered another skein and hopefully it will arrive before I continue on this next week.

I went a bit stash-crazy today - I ordered threads and fabric for a couple of projects in the latest Gift of Stitching (and wasn't that an amazing issue???) - for Double Dutch and for the pincushions. I also ordered a bit of ribbon and some charms for a couple of charts I unearthed from my stash and am thinking of starting. Now just to wait until it all arrives in!

A very short post for those of you strapped for time :) Happy stitching!

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Itching To Stitch said...

I think it is a bleeding heart and the piece is beautiful ;)