Monday, 2 July 2007


Yes, Sunday was also spent in pyjamas. There is nothing I love more on a wet, rainy weekend than staying inside in my pyjamas and doing absolutely nothing active whatsoever. And the good news is, I'm winnning over H to love the same! Hurrah!

Sunday qualified under 'wet' and 'rainy', so we caught up on lots of films, and I stitched happily away on the Assisi Pincushion I'm working on (and have now finished stitching), and Silver Needle, which I'm getting darn near finishing.

With the stitching done, I just need to sew the pincushion all up and stuff it and make the tassel things for the corners - I thought I would experiment with tassels as I have never done one before. I realised that I don't have any coordinating thread, or even any pins to hold the stitched linen and the backing fabric together, so I'm off to a sewing notions shop tomorrow afternoon to pick up a few much-needed supplies. Photos hopefully soon of the completed article!

So with not enough key materials to finish this off, I thought I'd sneak in an extra session on Silver Needle, seeing as I've set a goal to finish it in July. I have only the bottom band to complete - it's quite fiddly however, with lots of tiny smyrna crosses - and then add in all the beads.

Happy stitching everyone!

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Itching To Stitch said...

Both your WIP's look great. Have a great holiday ;)