Friday, 13 July 2007

You Have to Laugh, Otherwise...

Last night I got out my current favourite project, Spanish Wine, and carried on with the border. I was going great guns, right until I could see wasn't going to match up at the final corner!!!! You have to either laugh or cry, and I'm much more a laughing person, so after several minutes of itsy bitsy stitch counting accompanied by rueful chuckling on my part, I have found the problem: it transpires that the very first row I stitched (the top row) has 2 extra stitches in it, so when I did the last vertical, well, you can imagine! I haven't taken a photo of my ignominious inability to count, but rest assured that I will be doing lots of frogging this weekend!

On a happier note, I started a new small project on Wednesday. Leena had very graciously sent me instructions for finishing a tin that I had seen on her blog (and which was gorgeous), and now I'm feeling (possibly over)confident enough to give it a go. I've chosen a Shepherd's Bush design called Gathered Hours which includes a small circular design for a pinkeep and looks perfect for the tin. I'm using the suggested DMC threads, but have chosen a different fabric. I'm using some absolutely gorgeous linen from the lovely Catherine at Country Stitch - a NZ company which hand dyes fabric beautifully. The fabric is from their Kiwi Illusions range, and is called Bourbon 'n' Cola. It is not just the name that appeals :)

Have a wonderful weekend everyone, and happy stitching!


Itching To Stitch said...

I give you credit for having such a good attitude after making a mistake which will lead to much frogging. I would definitely be crying not laughing. Thanks for the inspiration, the next time this happens to me I'll think of you ;)

Hazel said...

Thats great about the tin but pls where are you buying your tin from?? I'd love to do a tin top. xx