Wednesday, 3 October 2007

Busy Life!

Hello all - I have not posted in a while, nor been visiting your blogs much recently - life has gotten very busy all of a sudden!

We took some time out to go to Paris for Sunday's rugby World Cup do-or-die match between Ireland and Argentina. We needed a strong performance, and needed to beat Argentina by four tries and keep them from scoring within eight points of us, but sadly we lost 15-30, and only scored two tries. It was a wonderful weekend though, and we spent Monday wandering around Paris seeing the sights - we've done it many times, but you never tire of Paris!

I haven't been doing much stitching because of life stepping up a gear (and I'm not sure why this is - why am I so busy at the moment, with barely a moment to spend on anything that isn't work, travelling to work, or innumerable chores that simply must be done straight away??). What stitching I have been doing has been secret stitching, so I'm afraid I can't show you yet!

I did, however, get a chart from the lovely Amy as a trade - but I'm not going to show you a photo because I'm intending to stitch it for one of my readers, and I don't want to give the game away!

Happy stitching all - and I'm hoping to be back on the blogtrail very shortly!!


Cheryl said...

So is your DH gutted about the rugby then?! I have an Irish friend who's still upset!
A weekend in Paris sounds great though!
Good luck with the secret stitching...that's all im doing at the moment too

Leena said...

Welcome back Stephanie!! Oh Paris is such a lovely place to visit, thank you for posting a photo of the Eiffel Tower :) It's good to hear you had a good time!

I hope that life will calm down a bit for you, so that you can relax too and stitch of course :) Take good care of yourself!

Mindi said...

So glad to hear from you, and I hope things settle down soon. Sounds like you had a great time in Paris, even if the match didn't go as you'd have liked.

Hazel said...

Looks like you had fun in Paris! xx