Thursday, 4 October 2007

Goal Review

So September didn't quite go as planned, stitching-wise. Life got very busy, and suddenly I was stitching a lot of mystery projects, so my normal rotation went out the window! I'm hoping that October is going to be more sensible, but given that I've got a couple of exchanges, just joined the SBEBB and have a lot of Christmas stitching on the horizon, this may not pan out :) I shall simply prioritise, and stitch away happily and not worry too much about goals. As long as I meet posting dates, I'll be a happy bunny!

Here is what happened in September:

Carry on with Northern Lights - No, I am faced with a row of Wisper stitching, so this has immediately burrowed down to the bottom of my stitching pile!
Carry on with Spanish Wine - Yes, I did manage one day on this
Carry on with Awake the Dawning Day - Yes, I did manage a couple of sessions on this
Carry on with Paradigm Lost - No, didn't pick this up
Finish AMAP Pinkeep - ha ha ha, not even sure where this is ;)
Stitch and send 4 gifts/exchanges - I stitched 1 RAK, 2 PIFs - so nearly but not quite managed this goal
Stitch 2 further gifts - I stitched one further gift
Start stitching Orlaith's stocking - Yes, I finished the first third of this project
Choose Fair & Square block to stitch - Yes, hurrah, I have chosen something to stich for Sue and have ordered the skein of floss I need (although the postal strike may thwart its imminent arrival)
Choose Stitcher's Lottery project - Yes, I have finally chosen something! I now need to order the materials for this

Rather a lot of red, huh? :)

Now, for October's goals:

Stitch and send Fair and Square Exchange squares to Sue
Finish Marne's return Crazy Exchange and post before 19.10
Stitch and send a Crazy Exchange for ??
Stitch 2 Christmas gifts
Stitch Santa on Orlaith's stocking
Order materials for Stitcher's Lottery project, and begin stitching
Carry on with Spanish Wine
Carry on with Awake the Dawning Day

I think that should keep me busy?????

Happy stitching all!


Cheryl said...

Good luck! You've reminded me that I need to choose something for the lottery too...

Nana's Quilts said...

You girls with all your stitching lists and goals. Gracious. I figure if I can get up, get dressed and keep moving (at least some days) that is a plus! I have lots of things rattling around in my head, but surely not so organized as to have it written down - or even be able to write it down. I do know that I'm going to a sewing retreat when I get back from Calif. and plan to cut out my "White Chocolate" quilt. That and finish the wedding banner. The big wedding is Nov. 2. My list looks pretty paltry next to yours - so take heart. :->

Mindi said...

Haha! Stephanie, I'm so glad to see you've joined my world of no real rotation. I used to read your blog and was amazed at your woderful rotation and how well you kept to it. I just always picked up whatever project screamed at me the most. More recently, its been whatever project has the earliest deadline.

We'll be happy bunnies together making sure we meet our deadlines!

tkdchick said...

Best of luck with your October goals!

Deborah/LavenderRose said...

I'm amazed you've got this rotation list and are achieving even a bit of it!! I would wilt under the pressure!! LOL Seems we're in the Fair & Square group together. I'm on the third round.. Once the holidays are over, I'm hoping to have some real goals as you do! Congratulations on keeping up fairly well!

Hazel said...

Wow seems to me like you set your goals very high last month and you actually accomplished a heck of a lot!! Well done and I'm sure you'll do well this month too. xx