Monday, 12 November 2007


The weather has really gone cold here all of a sudden - it properly feels like November now! Work's been a bit busy, and as we are still on the brink of joining the 21st century and getting broadband and a home computer (!), for the time being I'm still posting from work - which isn't always easy! Thus my silence over the last few days. Hopefully we will soon be connected at home...

I have been quite a busy stitcher - I spent quite a bit of time finish-finishing some secret stitching which I'll be able to show you over the coming weeks, but until then, I'll have to make do with some of my other project updates!

Firstly - a wonderful thank you to Michelle from the Crazy Exchange for her return gift - she made me a flat-fold in autumnal colours. Not only my very first flat-fold, but her stitching is so neat and precise. And her finishing?? Wow. There are definitely some very talented crafters over at the Crazy Exchange! She also sent me some beautiful silk floss, which I already have plans to use.

Paradigm Lost - the SAL is going really well - if you're stitching either PL or Cirque des Cercles (or have this in your 'perhaps one day' pile), do visit the SAL blog - you'll be impressed and motivated with all the lovely stitching that everyone is doing! I know I am :)

I also managed to keep going on Orlaith's Stocking, finishing the floral backstitching - you can almost see the stocking shape now, and all that is left (stitching-wise) is adding in Orlaith's name at the top, and securing all the little buttons, trinkets, beads and charms. Then it's on to the finishing. Which reminds me, I must look for some fabric to do that with!
And, finally, I had a good session on Awake the Dawning Day - I've finished the birds and the roof of the house, and am now beginning on the house itself. The most recent Loose Feathers design came through my letterbox recently, and boy am I ever looking forward to stitching that! It's called Autumn Song and is a circular box covering along with a needle-cushion. Truly wonderful!
Hope you all have had lovely weekends. Thanks for stopping by!
Happy stitching!


Hazel said...

Ohhh looks like you have made loads of progress on all your wips!! Love your PL. And yes it is very cold - I agree! xx

florence said...

Hello Stephanie

your works is very very beautiful!
I like "awake the dawning Day" !