Wednesday, 14 November 2007


Two days spent on Spanish Wine, and I'm getting somewhere on it! I really love this project, and it is stitching up beautifully (which is more a comment on how much I'm enjoying it rather than a comment on my stitching LOL). I'm nearly done 'band 2' which is the green double-running grape leaves and vine. I know they are grape leaves and vines, because the gaps in the band will soon be filled with big purple bunches of grapes.

In the quest for broadband, things are going well, we have signed up for the service, and now have plans to go computer shopping at the weekend. I'm very excited to think that I will be able to blog (posting and reading) and answer emails at my leisure, rather than squeezing it between phone calls at work!

The ankle is healing quite rapidly, which is wonderful. So I'm going to try playing hockey again tonight (very cautiously) and see if playing on Saturday will be a viable option. I am frankly quite a lazy person exercise-wise, so not doing my weekly hockey is a bad habit to slip into, even if injury is driving it!

Happy stitching!

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Beatrice said...

Careful with the hockey.
I like this piece you are doing the colors are great.
PL is coming along too..What fun!