Friday, 23 November 2007

A Quick Post

Just a quick post from me today - work is still crazy! Last night was the Snowbird SAL, so here is my progress with Paradigm Lost - it's going rather well at the moment!

I've also finished Orlaith's stocking - the stitching bit anyway. And, to answer Marne's question, Orlaith is pronounced 'Orla', the extra 'ith' is the Irish spelling. In my experience, Irish seems to use a lot of extra letters that are phonetically ambivalent - somehow they exert their influence over the pronounciation of the word, but not in a way that is necessarily apparent to native English speakers! I'm now partway through attaching the charms (but I haven't taken a photo of that yet), and I intend to get underway with the finishing this weekend. I am quite scared about this, but have had few long conversations with my mum, and we've traded a few emails (hers mainly starting out with NO DON'T DO IT THAT WAY!). But I have lots of finishing material, and frankly I can wield a seam-ripper with the best of them!
Finally, just a quick update on broadband, which will be the key to my finally having time to post regularly and also to read all your wonderful blogs regularly, which I just don't have the time to do anymore at work :( The broadband is set up, the computer is ordered and set for delivery next week, the broadband hardware is waiting for me at the post office to pick up on Saturday. All being well, we should be up and running by this time next week. Phew!
Thanks for stopping by; wishing you all a wonderful weekend!
(Am I the only one planning the tree and getting excited about hauling out the ornaments and Christmas decorations??? It's nearly December!!!)
Happy stitching!


Cheryl said...

The stocking is gorgeous! You'll have to post about how you do the stitching a Christmas stocking at the moment and im nervous about the finishing!
Good progress on PL, the SAL is great eh?!

Barbara said...

You have some great stitching projects on the go! And thanks for the explanation not only on Orlaith's pronounciation, but on those extra letters that always trip me up with the names of Irish friends & acquaintances.

Kathy A. said...

Your stocking is beautiful and I am sure you will do a smash up job of finishing it. Paradigm is looking great. I can hardly wait to get to that motif. It is lovely. I love your threads.

Andrea said...

Great progress on PL. Your stocking is going to be gorgeous when completely finished.

Von said...

Congrats on finishing this beautiful stocking!

So glad you've got broadband - you'll be spoiled very quickly. :D