Sunday, 16 December 2007

A Little Experiment

I keep seeing these lovely photos on others' blogs of photos that are done up like collages, so after a small bit of internet research, I've treated myself to a new bit of software called PhotoMix, and here is my first 'go' at a collage.

Below is my Stitchers' Lottery piece, finally finished!, which is a stitcher's case design by C Mon Monde - it's called Trousse aux Roses. I'm still a bit of a beginner with the finishing - this is my first stitcher's case - so it's not perfect, but I hope that whoever wins the lottery will enjoy it as much as I've enjoyed stitching it! The case itself has a pocket and a scissors keeper (please don't mind my gargantuan scissors in the photos, I have yet to treat myself to a proper pair of embroidery scissors, and these are a pair of jewelry-making scissors I've had for years!), and I added in thread rings as well. There is also a scissors fob, and a pincushion which reads 'Meme si nous ne sommes pas soeurs je ne saurais trouver ailleurs une si tendre amie de coeur' which, roughly translated by my good self, so please feel free to correct me!, means 'Even though we are not sisters, I couldn't find a more kindred spirit'.

Finishing this took me pretty much all weekend, although I did manage to do all my Christmas wrapping and finish up the card-writing. Phew! Nearly all set for Christmas - and only 4 working days left for me - hurrah!

I'm off to be brave and be I think probably the first to post my photos on the Stichers' Lottery site - I know several of you have also finished your pieces but are waiting for someone to be the first, so hopefully you'll follow my lead :)

Happy stitching!


Leena said...

Oh Stephanie, this is such a beauty! Congratulations, what a wonderful piece! And lovely photos too :)

It sounds great that you're well prepared for Christmas already :) I still have some things to do, but they are all things that I enjoy doing :)

Anonymous said...

The collage looks really great and the stitcher's case is just exquisite!!!
Wishing you a wonderful Christmas!!!

tkdchick said...

Love your little collage! Its great!

lena-lou said...

I love you picture collage and as for the item in the photos that is stunning, anyone would be so proud to win this :-)) Yep, I really love it !!!

Kathy A. said...

Wow, your stitcher case is stunning. The person who receives that will be very lucky indeed. Your photo collage is beautiful - nice job.

Von said...

I've been admiring the collages too - what a nice effect!
You've done an outstanding job on your stitcher case!

Hazel said...

This is a real hard act to follow!!! It is absolutely stunning! xx

Sharon said...

Utterly gorgeous finish! Great job!