Thursday, 8 May 2008

Happy Belated Birthday to ME!

Happy birthday to me! It was my birthday yesterday (I've reached 34, I cannot believe it!), and I had a wonderful day with lots of lovely little presents, and H took me out for a yummy dinner last night to celebrate. In fact it was a double celebration as he passed his driving test earlier in the afternoon - well done to him!!

I have seen that Mylene received the SBEBB Garden Exchange that I sent her - I stitched her Peony by Country Cottage Needleworks and finished it into a pinkeep. Now, clearly I on the one hand I did my research well, because Mylene loves CCN, but on the other hand I was somewhat disappointed in myself to hear that she had received the exact same design, also finished as a pinkeep, for her birthday last year. So somehow I feel I've short-changed her - sorry about that Mylene, I intend to do something about it over the coming months, hope you don't mind waiting! Here is the pinkeep I sent her:

Peony - Country Cottage Needleworks/Crescent Colours Threadpack
Linen: 32ct Antique Rose by Stitches 'n' Spice
Floss: Crescent Colours as charted

I have been very busy with stitching secret things and also extremely busy at work. In fact chaotically and quite exhaustingly busy at work :( So I haven't been posting as much as normal. I did, however, find time to put in a few stitches on Awake the Dawning Day, and would you believe I have finally finished the house - what a big job that was! So now I just have a couple of birds to finish off, the eyelet border and all the text, which actually feels like I'm nearly done. Definitely this will get finished 'soon' (like before autumn...).

Happy stitching!


Anna van Schurman said...

Happy belated birthday, Stephanie! I remember back when I was 34...those were the days! Good news, there's lots of life ahead of you yet. :)

Awake the Dawning Day looks great!

Anonymous said...

Happy bleated birthday to you, Stephanie!!
I love the pinkeep!! The backing fabric is gorgeous!!
Good luck with Awake the Dawning Day, it looks FAB!!

Daffycat said...

Wish I'd realised it was your big day yesterday! Hope it was a happy one!

Too bizarre that you made a duplicate pinkeep for Mylene. Nice of you to want to do something different to "make it up" though.

Dawning Day looks awesome!!!

Barbara said...

Happy birthday, Stephanie!!

Your stitching is gorgeous!

Jennifer said...

Happy birthday!!! It sounds like you had a wonderful day.

Mylene said...

Belated Happy Birthday Stephanie!!
Glad to hear you had a great day and CONGRATULATIONS to your DH for passing his driving test.

Now, i am feeling guilty i shouldn't have mentioned about the duplicate as i LOVE both of them. Please, please don't feel bad about it.

Dawning Day is looking great.

Cheryl said...

Happy (belated)Birthday Stephanie! Congrats to your DH as well! That's great. Driving tests are horrible.
I love your CCN pinkeep! Its hard with exchanges to know if your partner has a design already. I always worry about that.
Dawning Day looks great.
Have a lovely weekend :)

Carol said...

Happy Birthday Stephanie! What a sweet exchange for Mylene :-)

Jennifer/OH said...

Happy belated Birthday! The pinkeep is lovely and now Mylene has a matched set! I know how that is to make a "repeat" gift. I hate when that happens, but usually the recipient is pretty understanding. With Mother's Day coming up I just think of all the repeats my poor mom got year after year when my brother and I were kids.

Lennu said...

Happy belated birthday dear Stephanie!! You've received wonderful gifts, WOW, enjoy :) I've posted you something small today, I'm sorry it's a bit late but I hope it arrives soon and you like it anyway :)

Oh I'm so sorry to hear that you've been too busy at work :( I hope you'll soon have some time to relax! I look forward to next weekend and our little SAL, I've been so busy stitching other things that I've no idea yet what ornament to stitch. Your WIPs look pretty as always and the pinkeep you stitched is so lovely! The backing fabric is yummy :) Have a happy week!