Saturday, 10 May 2008

More and Further Birthday Presents for MEEEEEE!

Well, you all know how much I love a Saturday delivery here in the UK, and today is especially good, because the postie brought even more presents for me!!

First, my birthday exchange from Jacqueline came through the door. And what a great birthday present she made me!! She has clearly been hanging out on my blog, finding out about my love of sheep and Drawn Thread, because she made me this amazing wall hanging, and this fob:

And do you think she stopped there? No, of course she didn't! She also made me this very sweet gingerbread pincushion man:

And of course, she was kind enough to put a few stitchy presents in the package as well - some fabric, some buttons, a Shepherd's Bush kit, and some yummy chocolate! I am so spoiled :) Thanks Jacq, I totally love it! Now I just need to find a pretty hanger so that I can hang the wall hanging in the bedroom...

And, because I am the most lucky girl, the birthday presents didn't end there! After a somewhat painful trip to the local Post Office...

('Hi, I'm here to pick up this parcel.'
'We don't have this parcel.'
'Are you sure, the card says you have it?'
'I'm sure, trying ringing the depot.'
'Hi, depot, where's my parcel?'
'Your local post office.'
'Are you sure? They say they don't have it, can you double check?'
'They signed for it on Thursday, they have it.'
'Hi, I've just tried to collect this parcel, and the guy couldn't find it, but the depot assures me that C Fox signed for it on Thursday, so you should have it.'
'We don't have a C Fox.'
'Oh. Well, where do you suggest I look for the parcel?'
'I'm not really sure.'
'Can you check one more time, just in case?'
'I guess so. [Pause while she goes and checks.] Here's your parcel for you.'
'Erm, thanks.')

...I finally got my package and it turns out that it's my SBBC birthday exchange from Anna! She is an amazing crafter, not just a stitcher, as I was quickly to discover! I knew it was gonna be good when I opened the outer parcel, and found this:

She made nearly everything in the parcel herself, including the card:

and the stitched scissor fob (I think it's a Ewe & Eye & Friends design - and I love it!):

AND the beaded scissor fob:

AND this wonderful bag (it's all very chic, with pintucks and EVERYTHING). I tucked the front edge down on the photo, so you can see the lining:

And it didn't end there, she included some DMC variations thread, 2 small Prairie Schooler charts, 2 fat quarters, some linen, and some very clever finger grips for needles (oh, and the scissors that the fobs are attached to, those were in there too!).

Phew, what an amazing birthday day for me!! I've got such a huge smile on my face :) I can't wait for H to come back from Dublin, so I can show him all the wonderful things I got. I am really such a lucky, lucky girl!

And just one stitching update - my progress on this week's instalment of the Snowbird SAL - I really wanted to finish this medallion I am stitching on, but I was so tired after this super long week at work (even though it was only 4 days), that I fell asleep on the couch before I could finish it. Next week, it will be done!

Thank you Anna and Jacqueline, and also all of you who have left birthday wishes for me over the last few days - I love you all!! :)

Happy stitching!


Nana's Quilts said...

Well a belated Happy Birthday to you! And didn't your exchange buddies treat you just royally. Lucky, lucky you.

Daffycat said...

Wonderful birthday pressies! Weren't you spoiled...lucky girl!

Carol said...

Awesome gifts Stephanie - Jacqueline did spoil you! :-) And your PL looks fantastic, as always!

Carol R said...

A belated Happy Birthday Stephanie! Great birthday exchange packages - were you spoiled or what?!!
Love how your Snowbird is coming along.

staci said...

Congrats on the fabulous birthday goodies!!!

Cheryl said...

Such great birthday gifts!! I especially love that sheep wallhanging!
Hope you're having a good weekend :)

Anonymous said...

Double WOW, those are two awesome birthday packages!!! Enjoy!!

Barbara said...

Oh, those are SPLENDID birthday packets to receive! Anna's so talented, and so is Jacqeline!!

Jennifer/OH said...

What amazing gifts. Two very talented ladies!!

Becky K in OK said...

What great birthday gifts. Stitchers are wonderful aren't they?

Wendy said...

Happy Birthday, Stephanie! Those are some wonderful gifts you received in the mail.

Kathy A. said...

What lovely gifts you got! Belated Happy Birthday. Your PL is looking great. I hope to get back to mine soon

Melissa said...

WOW Steph! You received some really awesome birthday pressies. Everything looks sooo beautiful. I also love your progress on Paradigm Lost. Great job.

Hazel said...

Amazing gifts Steph. I wonder how people have the time to make so much beautiful stuff!! Sorry I missed your birthday :( Hope you got all you wanted and more :)xxx