Thursday, 13 November 2008

Let's Stitch!

This past week, I had an email from Kathy letting me know that she was closing the Snowbird SAL blog, as most of the stitchers (who were stitching either Cirque des Cercles or, like me, Paradigm Lost) had pretty much drifted away (or completed their stitching!). So, in the hopes of not becoming demotivated, I saw Becky’s blog ‘Let’s Stitch’ and decided that this could be just the thing to keep me going. So I signed up, and last Friday participated in my first SAT! Here’s my progress on PL – my goal for this Friday’s SAT is to finish the ‘outer ring’ of stitching and move to the centre on this particular motif:



I also saw that Barbara received the Fair and Square Christmas Squares I sent her – my only worry was that she had stitched them for herself from the latest JCS ornament issue, because as soon as I saw them, they just shouted ‘Barbara’ to me.

As if by magic, there was a package waiting for me at home tonight – Barbara’s squares to me! She adapted ‘A Tiny German Folk Sampler’ by Threads Through Time from the JCS 2004 ornie issue, and she stitched it with Belle Soie silk – mmmm some of my absolute favourite silk! They’re gorgeous Barbara, thanks a million! I can’t wait to finish them up into an ornament for our tree (even though we’re not having a tree this year because we’ll be travelling, but well, for lampshades and picture hooks and doorknobs and such!).

And, finally, a little progress photo of Sailing Home, which is a delight to stitch (as are all BBD designs as far as I’m concerned), and stitching up relatively quickly (for me, that is). (I'm not sure why that photo is suddenly small - should be clickable though!)

Only 35 days before we jet off for our extended break to BC for Christmas (so excited, so so SO EXCITED!), do you think it’s too early to plan stitching I’m going to bring??

Happy stitching!


Kathy A. said...

Took a wander through your blog as I have not been around for a while. What beautiful work you have done. I love your "Lifes a Stitch" pillow. That fabric is just the best. I love your little Just Nan snowmen. Snow for you! Yuck!
Your squares that you stitched for Barbara are so nice and so perfect for her. The squares she stitched for you are quite nice too.
Your PL is coming along nicely. I am stitching on mine on the Let's Stitch blog as well. Keep up the good work. I'm always rooting you on.

karenv said...

Both sets of squares are lovely! PL is looking great - I've found Let's Stitch to be very motivating for getting those bigger WIPs done.

Laura said...

I like stitching BBD designs also; you have made a great beginning on Sailing Home. The F&S squares are both delightful, and your PL is just beautiful. I am glad you found a SAL to keep going with it.

Melissa said...

Wow, you're coming to this neck of the woods. I hope we will have nice weather waiting for you when you get here! You have some lovely stitching on your post!

mainely stitching said...

I'm so glad your squares arrived quickly and in good shape. I've been a little worried about packets lately due to the new woman at the Post Office (who actually asked me if Australia was part of Europe!).

I do love the squares you stitched for me - they are so perfect! - and I apologize for not getting a personal thank-you emailed off. The days fly by and half the time, I'm not really sure what I've done. Yikes!

Jennifer/OH said...

Paradigm Lost is such an amazing piece. It's on my "Someday" list. Glad to read that I'm not the only one who is forgoing a Chritsmas tree this year in order to travel. I hope you have a wonderful time.